Mohamed El Nour Taha, Ihlam Elgalim Abdelhamid, Mahmoud Ali Amaseb:
The Role of Cooperative Societies of Gum Arabic Producers in Promoting Gum Arabic Production and Marketing in North Kordofan State, Sudan


1University of Kordofan, Forestry and Range Sciences, Sudan
2University of Kordofan, Financial Administration Department, Sudan
3University of Kordofan, Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Sudan

This study was conducted in Sheikan and Om Rowaba Localities in North Kordofan State. It focused on role of cooperative societies of gum Arabic producers in gum arabic production and marketing. It also aimed to investigate production, marketing and general services provided by these societies. Primary data were obtained from personal observations and questionnaires using simple random sampling technique. Secondary data were obtained from respective sources, references and related institutions. Data were analysed using simple descriptive statistics and partial budget analysis for determination of net returns to producers by comparing three groups: one benefiting from Gum Arabic Cooperative Societies (GACS), the second benefiting from Gum Arabic Company (GAC) and the third group not benefiting at all (NBG). Analysis of marginal gross returns and costs per hectare was carried out for the three groups. Results showed that 79.3% are benefiting from GAC, 66.1% for the group benefiting from GACS and 49.9% for NBG. The highest cost of production and marketing occured for NBG, followed by GACS, with lowest cost of production and marketing for GAC. Analysis of variance showed no significant differences between the three groups as far as average costs and returns were concerned. The discriminate analysis of some items of production and marketing of gum arabic showed no significant differences between the three producers groups except in case of transport costs from production areas to marketing points. Problems in the study area include misunderstanding of producers and administrators of the role and work of GACS, in addition to inadequate finance. The GACS in the study area are not efficient. Services provided by GACS did not result in significant differences between members of societies compared to others with respect to production and marketing of gum arabic as well as increase of returns from sales of gum. The study recommends raising awareness and training on administration of GACS that need to be linked with related institutions as well as improvement of infrastructure and provision of adequate financial support for gum producers and societies in the area.

Keywords: Analysis of variance, discriminate analysis, gum Arabic company, gum Arabic cooperative, infrastructure improvement, marginal gross returns, Sudan


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Andreas Deininger, October 2010