Bohumil Havrland, Alexandr Kandakov, Tatiana Ivanova:
Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS)


Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Institute of Tropics and Subtropics, Czech Republic

The present paper relates the Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS) development and establishment in Republic of Moldova. The system has been formulated and programmed by a specialised team of experts at the Agency for Sustainable Development ACSA in Chisinau thanks to financing by the project ``Support to Rural Development - Increasing Qualifications of Management and Advisory Capacities'' implemented by the Czech University of Live Sciences in Prague. The AMIS is destined to play a very important role as an operator offering comprehensive access to the information on: agricultural products, marketing services, business environment and trade component, agricultural producers, advisers and operators of the agricultural industry in the Republic of Moldova and European Union member states (input-output oriented).

An extensive survey of agricultural producers (farmers, KSP eneterprises, input suppliers etc. had been conducted before the AMIS system was developed. First approach to the system was done by creating D-bases of agricultural producers and products. Both of them were merged into one system which enables a fast information exchange between producers, traders, clients and input suppliers.

The information system's main objective is to provide and supply operational information related to agricultural inputs and outputs, marketing services and available markets. According to the structure and function, the AMIS operates as a facilitator system with internal databases. The programme is designed on the Microsoft Windows Access D-base.

The producers, suppliers, products and services are classified according to many parameters which allow the interested producers, tradesmen and middlemen to quickly find the desired information and use it accordingly. It is structured into nine major groups which contain subgroups and products/services. The main groups are seeds and planting materials, animals for reproduction, agricultural producers, plant protection, animal welfare, agricultural equipment and machines, wholesalers and processors, packers and others, and research and certifying institutes. The system includes as an addition a biweekly integrated agricultural market analysis which provides in-depth information on prices and their fluctuations as well as products available on six major markets in Moldova.

Keywords: agricultural marketing system, input supplier, template form, KSP enterprise,agricultural producer, commodity trader

Keywords: Agricultural marketing system, input supplier, KSP enterprise, template form


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