Ahmed Idris, Muna Ahmed, Hessain Yousif:
Effect of Feed Supplementation on the Performance of Nomadic Dairy Cows in Rangeland of Kordofan, Sudan


1Peace University, Animal Production and Range, Sudan
2University of Khartoum, Institute of Environmental Studies, Sudan
3University of Khartoum, Radioissotopes, Sudan

Three experiments were carried out with Dar El-Reih cows of northern Kordofan (Sudan). Records were kept for daily milk production and body weight, body condition score and progesterone profile. The cows that recently calved were monitored for the first and sustained progesterone (P4) rise to assess the interval from calving to ovulation and conception.

In the first experiment, 36 cows were selected from a nomadic herd and divided into three groups. Groups A, B and C were supplemented with high energy high protein concentrate mixture (ration A), medium energy medium protein concentrate mixture (ration B), and low energy low proteins concentrate mixture (ration C), respectively. The cows were in their early lactation and were fed their respective concentrate mixture for six weeks at the rate 2 kg per cow and day after grazing on the available natural pasture.

Group A cows had a significantly higher milk yield (p<0.05) than group B or group C cows, and group C cows had lowest milk yield of all groups. Group A cows had also attained the highest body weight and body condition .

In the second experiment, the same groups of animals (A, B, C) were supplemented with the same rations (A, B, C) at the same rate for a period of eight weeks after the rainy season when the cows were at their mid-lactation. Significant differences in milk yield were observed between the experimental groups (p<0.05). Group A cows had the highest milk yield, followed by group B and group C cows, respectively.

In the third experiment, three trials were conducted to study the effect of molasses supplementation on milk yield in comparison with conventional concentrate feed used in the region. Twelve cows were selected for each trial and divided into two groups. One group received a test ration with molasses instead of grain sorghum or sorghum brewery residue. The results revealed significant differences in milk yield between the two groups.

Keywords: Feed supplementation, Kordofan, nomadic dairy cows, performance, Sudan

Full paper: http://www.tropentag.de/2010/abstracts/full/782.pdf


Contact Address: Ahmed Idris, Peace University, Animal Production and RangeKhartoum North Shambat, Khartoum, Sudan, e-mail: abuelgoni2003@gmail.com
Andreas Deininger, October 2010