Glida Gisela Hidalgo, G. Sosa, R. Cedeno, M. González, M. Guerra:
Developing and Testing the Acceptability of Water Based Pineapple Ice Cream in the Venezuelan Amazon


1Center Amazonian for the Investigation and Control of Tropical Diseases, Venezuela
2Simón Bolivar University, Venezuela

We developed water-based ice cream with added sugar, lemon juice and carboximetylcelulosa (CMC), using pineapple (Ananas comosus) grown in the Community Piaroa of Betania of Topocho to 50 km to the North of Puerto Ayacucho-Amazonas, Venezuela. In order to develop a proposal for a product that contributes to diversify the production of a fruit plant processor that could be managed by the Piaroa ethnic group in the Betania community. Four product specifications were tested, varying the sugar concentration between 9% and added 13% with or without of 0.5 g of CMC. In order to measure the acceptability of the four product specifications we used a hedonic test involving 12 experts that judged characteristics, such as colour, taste, and texture. The results were analysed using ANOVA in order to identify significant differences between the product specifications. The formulation with the greatest acceptance was the ice cream N 3, constituted by: 54% of Sugar Water 13%, 32% of Fragmentation hand grenade, 0.64% of Lemon juice and 0.05% of CMC.

We finally provide some recommendations as to what extent our approach can be used as a quick method to optimise product development in the context of smallholder communities and on-farm processing.

Keywords: Ice cream, Venezuela


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Contact Address: Glida Gisela Hidalgo, Center Amazonian for the Investigation and Control of Tropical DiseasesPuerto Ayacucho, Venezuela, e-mail:
Andreas Deininger, November 2007