Diop Abdallah, Gongnet Gbeukoh Pafou:
Socio-economic Analysis of Vegetables Production and Marketing - a Case Study of N'djamena


1High School of Science and Technique of Agriculture and Forest (ESTAF), Plant Production, Chad
2University of N'djaména, Faculté des Sciences Exactes et Appliquées, Ecology, Chad

Agriculture is often the most important economic sector in the developing countries. In Chad 80% of the active population is engaged in agricultural activities and agriculture contributes up to 50% of the GNP. Vegetables are of great importance in Chad in twofold sense -- as food and as commercial products. They are of economic interest from several points of view. Where the opportunities for sale are good (from middle of February till end April in case of Market in N'Djaména), vegetables are among the most profitable agricultural products. In the past decade the consumption of vegetables in N'Djaména increased and reached currently about 30 -- [45]kgperson/year.

The objective of this Study was to evaluate the socio-economic status of vegetables producers and sellers, by identifying at first their difficulties during the production, followed by analysing the methods of products sale in different markets in N'Djaména and finally to propose recommendations.

The Data were obtained from the survey by administering to a standardised questionnaire to 40 randomly selected vegetables producers in four areas [Ligna, Djeddaya (localised along the Chari-River), Karal and Lakechad]. Supplementary data were obtained through key person interviews

(n = 20) and field observations. The cultivated vegetables, which this study considers, are tomato, sweet potato, cabbage, okra and salad.

The results indicate that the average of cultivated land is 0.25 -- 0.35ha per farmer, in LakeChad it can be more than 1ha. The largest proportion of marketed vegetables is produced in the area of the Lake-Chad. It was find out, that some agronomical, technical and economical difficulties have been met during the cultivation. The impact of this is reflected in levels of farm incomes. The examined indicators show that generally the socio-economic status of vegetables producers is ameliorated in all investigated areas. Finally, methods how to ameliorate the production and to generate supplementary financial income through new model of marketing were recommended.

Keywords: Vegetables, Marketing, N'Djaména, Production, socio-economic Analysis


Contact Address: Diop Abdallah, High School of Science and Technique of Agriculture and Forest (ESTAF), Plant ProductionB.P. 1709 N'Djaména Tchad, N'Djaména, Chad, e-mail: adiop@gmx.net
Andreas Deininger, September 2006