Hanns Sylvester, Cay Etzold:
DAAD and its Challenges for Capacity Building


1German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Head of Development Co-operation Division, Germany
2German Academic Exchange Service, Head of Section 432 - Alumni and Partnership Programmes, Germany

"Prosperity and Poverty in a Globalized World -- Challenges for Agricultural Research" -- Considering the Tropentag's topic and its aims, i.e. an exchange concerning the following questions: How to improve livelihood, health and education of the rural population? How to reduce pressure on the environment caused by agricultural production? How to balance the production of sufficient, high quality food for an increasing world population? Which new approaches do exist to optimise the utilisation of scarce resources (soil, energy, water)? Then the emphasis laid on the exchange of information within the scope of the Tropentag also becomes obvious: The importance of the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as interdisciplinary, scientific discussions on global challenges.

The DAAD also aims at these objectives: The exchange of knowledge and experience is elementary for facing today's global challenges.

The German Academic Exchange Service promotes the worldwide co-operation and exchange between institutions of higher education as well as between these institutions and politics and economy, particularly the co-operation with developing countries.

Therefore, the DAAD's instruments of promotion shall be elucidated, as they serve for reducing poverty, for peacekeeping and for a juster design of globalisation.

By means of education and advanced education of specialists and executives as well as the selective set-up of academic structures, crucial suppositions for achieving the Millennium Development Goals are created.

Thereby, Development in Partnership is very important to warrant a sustainable development. Particularly the formation of networks for future measures offers an enormous advantage. In this context, the topic of the Alumni Networks will be treated, whose fusions on regional and sectoral levels aim at realising common projects in different disciplines.

Keywords: Alumni Networks, Development in Partnership, instruments of Promotion


Contact Address: Hanns Sylvester, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Head of Development Co-operation DivisionKennedyallee 50, 53175 Bonn, Germany, e-mail: Sylvester@daad.de
Andreas Deininger, September 2006