Vathana Sann, Loan Chhum Phith:
Performance of Broiler Chickens and Fattening Pigs Fed Cassava Leave Meal Irrigated with Biodigester Effluent


1Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Institute for Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, Germany
2Royal University of Agriculture, Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Cambodia

The enormous biodiversity of the tropics provide the incredible opportunities for sustainable development, in which its long term running are supported within the scope of rational exploitation even though the attempts of consideration is not by far a priority. It is reasonable in combining the utilisation of cassava leave meal (CLM) and livestock production on fertile Mekong River basin. Chicken and pig raising of the bank of the river were found commonly where few variety of cassava were grow seasonally. Because the household income source of farmers within this are is not totally based on unique source, additional attempts to use cassava leaf meal as a substitute for other protein supplements in animal diets have been less encouraged. The paper aimed to evaluate the effect of CLM on performance of broiler chicken and fattening pig. Completed randomised experiments were designed to chicken and pig trial with 8 weeks period. 320 day-old chicks and 16 castrated pigs 40.2kg in initial weight were allocated into 4 treatments each with 4 replications. Sun-dried CLM harvested from biodigester-irrigated land which provided a high biomass to plants and believed to reduce anti-nutritional substance in CLM, were included 0, 10, 20 and 30% in group A, B, C and D of the basal diet. Increased levels of CLM significantly reduced daily feed intake (g) 100.6, 96.2, 90.5 and 80.3 (SEM 0.98) in chicken and 2618.9, 2560.8, 2564.9 and 2274.7 (SEM 58.82) in pig and therefore reduced body weight (kg) 2.52, 1.94, 1.79 and 1.68 (SEM 16,06) in chicken and 77.50, 71.50, 65.96 and 60.22 (SEM 1.37) in pig. Feed conversion ratio were 2.26, 2.82, 2.88 and 2.73 (SEM 0.05) of chicken and 3.93, 4.58, 5.58, 6.36 (SEM 0.05) of pig in groups A, B, C and D respectively. Mortality of chickens fed graded level of CLM was increased. CLM should not be included into monogastric animal diet more than 20% where the optimum economic return is reached unless any supplementations were added. Integrated cassava plantation with biodigester effluent is a solution of increasing biomass yield of plant and animal.

Keywords: Animal feed, cassava leave meal, intergrated crop-animal system


Contact Address: Vathana Sann, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Institute for Animal Physiology and Animal NutritionKellnerweg 6, 37077 Göttingen, Germany, e-mail:
Andreas Deininger, September 2004