Afsaneh Zamiri Telefoni:
Necessity of Change of Research about Iranian Rural Women and Improving the Executive Development Policies


University of Kassel, Development Economics and Agriculture Policy, Germany

Human resources are the first priority in development programmes. As about half of the human resources are women, they should be essential goal of development policy. Without paying attention to the role of rural women in the process of developing rural areas, we cannot get to a national development.

The role of rural women in the agricultural economy of Iran, specially in the independent rural effectiveness system, is in a form which dominates more than half of production process in agriculture. Rural women are the hidden human forces in the process of rural production and are not even seen by the other rural people and even their husbands.

In the field of planning policy from centers of decision making about women's various issues, we can refer to two different kinds of thought during past 10 years. First group have based their main aim on increasing the amount of women's cooperation in productive and economic activities out of homes. The second group have based their objective on women's role at home and inside their family.

Research about women's issues in Iran has not a long history. For accelerating the development of rural societies and reforming the process of development, and promoting the possibility of women's access to the resources, the research and educational system in the field of rural women's affairs should be changed. For example we can research in these fields:

The outcome of these studies are the considerations which make the officials of agricultural development section to pay more attention to women in the process of giving services and allocating resources to rural society. Besides a major change in research system, the change in decision making system and planning policies is also enjoying certain importance.

Keywords: Rural women, Iran


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