Tropentag 2021:

Towards shifting paradigms in agriculture for a healthy and sustainable future

September 15 - 17, 2021,
organised by
University of Hohenheim, Germany

Oral Presentations

If you have an oral presentation at our conference, please do read the following instructions carefully:

Presentation format

You are invited you to present your 10 minute oral TT21 contribution in a live stream. However, if your internet connectivity is too slow or not stable enough to allow for a smooth live transmission, please do send us your pre-recorded presentation.
Therefore, please check your internet upload capacity from the computer and place where you are going to attend the conference through . If your upload speed is below 3 Mbps, you should pre-record your presentation. If you are using a wireless internet access, you may increase your upload speed by using a cable connection to your router.

  • When presenting live, you should be able to share your computer screen and use e.g. PowerPoint or a stand-alone format for presentation.
  • If you pre-register your presentation, do upload your video as .wmv or .mp4 file via our upload portal.
Some further instructions for on-line presentation can be found here: PDF.

On-line oral presentation during "Tropentag 2021"

All presenters of oral presentations will receive a zoom meeting invitation to access your presentation session. Please do access this meeting at least 10 min before the start of the session.
All interested participants can view the session via the whova application which will be accessible only for registered participants.
Questions to your presentation can be asked by the auditors via this whova application. Your session chair will moderate the sequence of presentations as well as the question-and-answer sequences in between presentations and/or at the end of the session.

Please be aware that all oral presentations are limited to 10 min presentation time + 5 min for discussion. You should prepare your presentation accordingly, for live online presentation as well as for the pre-recorded option!

If you wish to incorporate the Tropentag logo, you can download it here: as .eps (1.6 MB) or as .jpg (650 kB).

Presentation schedule

All presenters should have received an email announcing the exact presentation time of their poster (time zone CEST or UTC+2)
Please do consult the programme to find also your time of presentation: TT21 programme

Upload of pre-registered presentations

Please upload your presentation via our upload service
till September 14, 2021 - we prolonged the submission time upon your requests.