Tropentag 2020:

Food and nutrition security and its resilience to global crises

September 9 - 11, 2020,
organised by
ATSAF e.V., Germany

Tanga Pasi, online concert

Thursday 10 September, 19:30 - 21:00 h

Tanga Pasi Tanga Pasi began as a rural community project in 2009 in the Kalanga-speaking western corner of Zimbabwe.
Currently based in the UK, founding members- Sinini and Pamela Ngwenya - will host a live Zoom concert session for Tropentag 2020. The band has the purpose of uplifting and inspiring positivity and has over time included a wide collective of different musicians. Their sound offers a harmonic fusion of Kalanga folk songs, Ndebele rhythms and catchy melodies. Past festival performances include the Victoria Falls Carnival (Zimbabwe), Bassline Africa Day Festival (SA), and MTN Bushfire (Swaziland), Greenpop (Zambia), Weekend for Tolerance, Treppenkeller Hinterhöfe (Germany), Bukalanga Festival (UK) and Zimfest (USA). Their CDs- Starting from Scratch, Ntolontolo and Bakalanga We - are available for download on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Watch an appetiser: