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Solar system for groundwater and food security in rural Sudan: a case study of Lotah project in Gezira state

Mohamed Elgali

University of Gezira, Agriculture Economics, Sudan


It is a fact that remote rural areas in Sudan are rarely included in the government plans to be covered in the national grid and water projects, an alternative solution is a solar system which could score an improvement in achieving sustainable development goals SDGs) of eliminate poverty, erase hunger and improve food security. This paper tries to assess a pilot model of water project for small farmers that depends on solar energy for rural electrification for housing and agricultural production. The project is located in Gerzira state central Sudan 30 kilometer to the east of Madani city the state capital. Each unit in the project consists of a house, three acre and water well for agricultural production, currently about 120 units has been established. Through using solar renewable energy from solar the project is aiming at maintaining sustainability by reducing living expenses and agricultural production costs to the minimum. The project utilises solar energy for houses and drilling underground water for domestic use and agricultural irrigation. A cost–Benefit analysis has been conducted to assess the cost of the solar system and conventional electricity system in addition to estimating the profitability of agricultural production under this system in compare to the traditional system. The results showed that linking the area to national electricity network is an expensive complicated process. The results exhibited a significant agricultural profits attained under the solar system which is higher than profits under the traditional agriculture because of the low cost of production, diversification and sustainable water supplies. The study recommends the dissemination of this model for the remote rural areas of Sudan.

Keywords: Food security, solar system, Sudan, water

Contact Address: Mohamed Elgali, University of Gezira, Agriculture Economics, Nishisheeba no. 36, 11112 Madani, Sudan, e-mail: moelgali@yahoo.com

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