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The role of school gardens in environmental education and agroecology in Ghana

Kwadwo Afriyie Boakye

Inst. for Sustainable Landscape and Environment Development, Ghana


The application of ecological principles to agricultural systems and practices is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Agroecology and environmental education may be promoted through school garden projects (SGP), according to experts. In Ghana, societies’ growing awareness of the fundamental role school gardens play in environmental education and community adaptation to cannot be underestimated. Although the concept of school garden is not new in Ghana, it is only being implemented in a small number of schools. This article focuses on school gardening and the obstacles to its implementation in Ghana. The study used a mixed method approach involving literature search in Google Scholar, Science Direct, and Scopus. In addition, several schools and stakeholders of school garden programmes were interviewed. The study revealed that Ghana is making efforts in environmental educational activities, but has yet to successfully integrated the concept of school gardening into classroom curriculum; there is also limited collaboration between schools and the wider community, as well as limited funding for establishing a school garden, according to the study. The promotion of SGP in Ghanaian schools is hampered by these issues. The promotion of environmental education and agroecology through SGP can gain global recognition when properly integrated into school’s curriculum. As a result, the study suggests that SGP can be improved by 1) involving community and relevant stakeholders to promote the benefits of school gardening for positive learning outcomes and behavioural improvements, 2) incorporating it into educational policies/school curriculum to allow students to connect and interact with the natural environment, 3) providing financial support to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Keywords: Agro-ecology, environmental education, school garden

Contact Address: Kwadwo Afriyie Boakye, Inst. for Sustainable Landscape and Environment Development, Kumasi, Ghana, e-mail: k.boakye58@yahoo.com

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