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Economic Evaluation of Broiler Chicken Supplemented with Fermented Mansanitas (Muntingia calabura) Leaves

Regie Lloren

Camiguin Polytechnic State College, Institute of Agriculture, Philippines


The study endeavoured to investigate the growth attributes as well as to provide economic analysis of broiler chicken supplemented with Fermented Mansanitas Leaves (FML). An experiment was carried out from October to November 2019 and employed a Completely Randomised Design. Four (4) treatments with three (3) replications with five (5) experimental chicks per treatment were prepared in the study. A total of sixty (60) day-old chicks were randomly selected and were distributed to different treatments. The treatments employed include the following: Treatment 1 (Control 1.5 gram per liter of water), Treatment 2 (10 milliliter of FML per liter of water), Treatment 3 (20 milliliter of FML per liter of water) and Treatment 4 (30 milliliter of FML per liter of water). Data such as the average chick cost and, average daily feed and water intake were collected to calculate the feed and supplementation cost per unit. Average dressed weight and average price of dressed chicken were also gathered to calculate the sales per unit. From the data obtained, gross margin per unit was calculated. Data gathered were analysed using Analysis of Variance. Tukey’s test was employed to compare significant differences among treatment means. Results revealed that Supplement Cost and Gross margin per unit showed significant difference among treatment means. Other indicators such as chick cost, feed costs and sales per unit revealed no significant differences. It was concluded that a supplementation of 20 milliliter of Fermented Mansanitas Leaves per liter of water showed significant increase in gross margin per unit.

Keywords: Broiler, fermented Mansanitas Leaves, Gross Margin per unit, Supplement Cost

Contact Address: Regie Lloren, Camiguin Polytechnic State College, Institute of Agriculture, Purok 2 Tangaro, 9104 Catarman, Philippines, e-mail: rlloren18@gmail.com

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