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"StimuLactor" milking machine for high quality and safe milk in intensive camel farms

Shehadeh Kaskous

Siliconform, Department of Research and Development, Siliconform, Schelmengriesstrasse 1, 86842 Türkheim, Germany, Germany


Camel milk has been known in the world for 5000 years for its benefits for human nutrition and health. Nowadays, camel milk has become more and more attractive as a commercial product. Camel milk contains several physiologically functional components, including lactoferrin, serum albumin, lysozyme, vitamin C, important minerals, mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acid, as well as the hormone insulin and IGF-1. Therefore, it is not only consumed as food but also as a remedy. The aim of this study was to obtain high quality and safe milk in camel farms with the new milking machine "StimuLator". The use of Stimulator milking machines in practice in Switzerland and Germany has shown that the milk harvested was, free from pathogenic bacteria and high quality. These results are due to many causes, namely:
• The new milking system used in the present study was based on a claw-free quarter separation, i. e. the teat cups work completely independently of each other. Due to this property, there can be no contamination between the quarters.
• This quarter-individual milking system is particularly suitable for different udder and teat shapes, which is of great importance in the case of camels.
• The silicone liner used in this milking machine is not only adapted to the teat dimensions, but also helps to ensure clean and hygienic camel milk.
• Sequential pulsation in this milking machine was used, in order to achieve a stable vacuum in the teat cup and a regular milk flow as well as to take into account observations of the calf while sucking.
• A low vacuum used in this system (36 kPa) was sufficient to successfully carry out the milking process in camels to milk gently and to avoid strain on the udder.
• In addition, the system has a very special pre-stimulation programme and an excellent cleaning and hygiene process, so that a full-milk removal and hygienic milk can be achieved in high quality.
In conclusion, based on our experience on camel farms, the Stimulator milking system produces safe and hygienic milk to high quality standards

Keywords: Camel, milk, milk quality, milking maschine, safe milk, stimuLactor

Contact Address: Shehadeh Kaskous, Siliconform, Department of Research and Development, Siliconform, Schelmengriesstrasse 1, 86842 Türkheim, Germany, Blumentrasse 8b 86842 türkheim germany, 86842 Türkheim, Germany, e-mail: skaskous@siliconform.com

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