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Explaining the strategic model of a sustainable agricultural ecosystem compatible with climate change in Iran

Hoora Koochekian1, Hooman Liaghati2, Seyed Mohmmad Mojabi3

1University of Tehran, Tehran,Iran, Campus of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Development, Iran
2Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran ,Iran, Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI)
3Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, Department of Environmental Law, Science and Research Branch


Sustainable agriculture is a comprehensive and appropriate approach to the production of food, clothing, fodder and fuel needed by humans, which not only does not harm the environment, but also meets the needs of the existing population as well as future generations, and at the same time Concepts such as ecosystem health, social and economic justice and profitability are considered, but achieving the effective components of an Sustainable agroecosystem requires its adaptation to climate change, which in recent years has had a significant impact on agricultural production and Farmers have reacted differently. This research has been formed with the aim of identifying and prioritising the indicators of a sustainable agroecosystem, compatible with climate change and explaining a strategic model.
After conducting library studies and reviewing valid documents and sources, a list of 8 main indicators was obtained, then a questionnaire was designed using structural analysis method (interaction matrix), and a panel consisting of 15 experts and consensus was formed. Their views on the impact and effectiveness of each factor were assessed using MicMac software. Findings showed that the following 5 indicators have the greatest impact on creating a sustainable agroecosystem adapted to climate change. "Increasing the productivity of factors and production resources in the agricultural sector with emphasis on equipping and developing human resources"; "Protecting the soil, and increasing its biological production capacity"; "Preservation, rehabilitation and optimal use of water resources in the agricultural sector in order to sustain agricultural production and sustainable development of rural areas"; "Sustainable conservation and utilisation of plant and animal genetic resources for sustainable agriculture"; "Production of a healthy product". Of course, each of these factors has sub-criteria to achieve the desired strategic model.

Keywords: Adaptation, agricultural system ecosystem, climate change, strategic model, sustainability

Contact Address: Hoora Koochekian, University of Tehran, Tehran,Iran, Campus of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Development, Shahid beheshti st. bucharest st. (Ahmad Qusair) no. 7. parent company specialized in agricultural services, 13 Tehran, Iran, e-mail: horakoochekian@alumni.ut.ac.ir

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