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Species diversiy of fruit flies on dry land of west Lombok district, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Muhammad Sarjan, Rurth Stella Thei, Hery Haryanto

University of Mataram, Fac. of Agriculture, Indonesia


The data of agricultural statistics of West Nusa Tenggara Province (2007) shows that there are several potential horticultural commodities such as fruits and vegetables has been developed especially on dry land of West Lombok district. It is expected to have a good opportunity for this region to reach the propit values of fruits and vegetables market in line with the development of tourism industries in this area.
Monitoring of fruit flies in dry land is a very important and fundamental activities related to the implementation of integrated pest management that will provide the crucial information of the species including abundance of population, attack intensity, development of population, as well as the climate factors affects the fruit flies population. In addition, from those monitoring would achieve the same perception /understanding of abundance and composition of fruit flies in the specific location, particularly in dry land of West Lombok. According to the data of observation on this investigation indicated that the diversity of fruit flies Bactrocera spp. on dry land of West Lombok is still very low in the level of value H’ < 1. The species of B. albistrigata, B. beckerae, B. cucurbitae, B. limbifera, B. calumniata, B. caudata and B. badius are dominantly interested on cue-lure attractant. However, the species of B. papayae, B. philippinensis, and B. umbrosa are more dominantly interested in attractant of methyl eugenol. In order to complete the information of fruit flies existence in dry land area of West Lombok, it is necessary to conduct the further monitoring on the abundance and composition of fruit flies species.

Keywords: Diversity, dry land and West Lombok, fruit flies

Contact Address: Muhammad Sarjan, University of Mataram, Fac. of Agriculture, Jalan Perndfidikan 37, 83125 Mataram, Indonesia, e-mail: msarjan@unram.ac.id

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