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The power of the ancestral philosophy of Alli Kawsay (Buen Vivir) in the indigenous movements of Colombia - Ecuador vs. the exclu

Eduardo Erazo Acosta

University Nariño, Eduardo Erazo Acosta, Colombia


The purpose of this research is to present the urgency of listening to indigenous epistemologies of Sumak Kawsay (in kichwa language: Buen vivir-Good Living) and also to accompany the care/defense of the biodiversity-rich indigenous territories of the Andean region. As a research question: How is the anthropocene affecting the indigenous territories and with it the threats of the epistemologies of the Sumak Kawsay/Buen vivir?
This ethnographic research has been carried in the last 7 years, in Republics of Colombia and Ecuador, in Indigenous Regional Council of Cauca CRIC, and The Indigenous Confederation of Ecuador CONAIE. Theoretical references: epistemology of indigenous communities, indigenous intellectuals.
The anthropocene affects considerably the species of flora and fauna, the glaciers, water reserves, páramos understood as places where the water is born for the species. With it the territories Pan Amazonas region of native communities are strongly affected in their cosmovision to know.
Due to its high impact in high mountain areas, climate change affects the melting of glaciers, strong droughts, seasonal changes for food production, water shortages and with this the displacement of animals and indigenous people and with it affects their traditions and cosmovisions due to geographical relocation and spatial - socio-cultural changes.
Ethnographic work is used: interviews, participant observation, and documentary analysis. Key to comment how from the epistemologies, their spirituality's, indigenous cosmovision, the elders (grandparents and grandmothers) announce that if there is no respect for the species on earth comes catastrophe, which from modern science is already evident.
This is considered from the Decolonial theory as an alternative to development or alternative development, based on the epistemological basis of the indigenous movement, the basis of current governments/states. Without a doubt the Sumak Kawsay is difficult to implement or live in praxis in the midst of individualistic societies with accelerated urban growth or in societies structured in fossil fuels, in addition to the radical reactionary anti-movement indigenous right that watches over environmental care.

Keywords: Anthropocene, ethnicity, proper right, urgent call

Contact Address: Eduardo Erazo Acosta, University Nariño, Eduardo Erazo Acosta, Calle pasto, 000 Pasto, Colombia, e-mail: rueduardo2000@hotmail.com

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