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Data recording - the missing link towards markets – case studies from Rwenzori region, Uganda

Richard Klepsch1, Bernhard Freyer2

1University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Division of Organic Farming (IFÖL), Germany
2University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Div. of Organic Farming, Austria


For developing value chains, there is need for information from smallholders including: Production quality (ecological status of the production); Production quantity (field size and yield); storage and processing. Currently these relevant data are missing, which hinders farmers as well as buyers to systematically establish value chains for most relevant commodities in an efficient manner.
This research therefore studies the procedures, barriers and options, how farmers collect such fundamental data. In total 12 farms have been selected – small and medium size – which represent the most relevant production, i.e., farm types in the region. In depth interviews have been done according to the GIZ value chain analysis, with slight adaptations to fit the scope of the region. In addition, expert interviews with two scientists and two advisors experienced in this topic have been done for final interpretation of farmer interviews.
Findings underline that a comprehensive training of the farmers as well as technical devices are necessary to qualify farmers for up-to-date data collection. According to the needs and demands of farmers to do their job, a training programme will be developed, that will encourage farmers to provide this relevant information. Furthermore, technical advises, like GPS of the advisory services and wages necessary for calculation will be identified and finances and organisational conditions described for their application. The Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) will further engage in their master's programme on Agroecology a case study for implementing successful collection of value chain info for most relevant commodities in the region, both for the regional and national, and the international market.

Keywords: Rwenzori region, Uganda, value chain analysis

Contact Address: Richard Klepsch, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Division of Organic Farming (IFÖL), Falkentaler Steig 40, 13467 Berlin, Germany, e-mail: rk@students.boku.ac.at

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