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"Competing pathways for equitable food systems transformation: trade-offs and synergies."

Local agricultural innovation system for rural producers in Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río, Cuba

Raymundo Vento Tielves1, Evelyn Pérez Rodríguez1, Bettina Eichler-Löbermann2, María Mercedes González Hernández1, Reina María Rodríguez García1, Belkis María Pelegrín González1, Iracely Milagros Santana1, Daileen Caro Sánchez1

1University of Pinar del Río, Center for Environment and Natural Resources Studies, Cuba
2University of Rostock, Agricultural and Environmental Faculty, Germany


The research developed inserted in the DiveCropS Project: Diversifying Cropping Systems financed by DAAD of Germany, in the región of Consolación del Sur, in Pinar del Río province, in Cuba. In this región the use of inappropriate technologies has caused serious damage to agricultural production, decreasing yields and limiting food production, decreasing yields and limiting food production, and Limited integration of rural actors in carrying out production, transformation and marketing processes significantly limits the productive results of family farming farms. In response to this problem, the objective of Implementing a Local Agricultural Innovation System (Sial) is outlined in order to achieve synergy between rural producers for greater agricultural productions in the Consolación del Sur municipality. The research methodology used begins with a Diagnosis of the model of agricultural production, Study of the Climatic changes in the región, Study to management of soil and wáter and other indicadors. The results achieved allow us to demonstrate that the characteristics of the agricultural context in the Consolación del Sur municipality show marked potential in productive systems with a high range of diversity and with an important vocation for the development of local enterprises of high productive value, but do not achieve full development. of their capacities due to the insufficient integration between rural actors. The implemented Local Agricultural Innovation System allows achieving greater synergy and integration between rural producers that allows a closure of the processes from production, transformation and commercialisation, the actions proposed in the innovation system presuppose a comprehensive management approach with training, integration of rural actors and social participation, as essential elements within the process of knowledge management and technological innovation, reaching the closure of productive processes of agroecological techniques, agroindustry and commercialisation

Keywords: Agricultura, agroecología, agroindustria, innovación agrícola

Contact Address: Raymundo Vento Tielves, University of Pinar del Río, Center for Environment and Natural Resources Studies, Borrego Avenue Building 108 Apt C-9 Brothers Cruz, 20100 Pinar del Río, Cuba, e-mail: tielve@upr.edu.cu

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