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Promotion of entrepreneurial innovations in the village poultry value chain for sustainable rural development

Diderline Manfouo Tchoupou

Sopead Conseil Sarl, Cameroon


Village poultry farming plays an undeniable socioeconomic role in most rural households (savings, animal protein intake essential for a good balanced diet, land fertilisation through the use of droppings, eggs are also used in rituals and in the traditional pharmacopoeia etc.). However, many small farms in the value chain of village chickens earn quite low incomes with low productivity and have never managed to integrate into the economic circuits of the agro-food sector. Despite its importance, the fundamentals of this breeding are not mastered by the breeders, which results in low productivity, significant and sometimes total losses of staff during epidemics, a weak technical supervision system, the lack of knowledge techniques and access to training. Thus, this project aims to implement innovations in the value chain of village poultry that have contributed to sustainable rural development through increased productivity and improved incomes of small farms, as well as the creation of decent jobs. More requested will be: Ensure the training of 2,000 breeders on Good farming practices, including at least 50% of young people and 35% of women, Ensure the training of 3,000 breeders and other actors in "farmer Business school » and in organisational development, developing entrepreneurial business models and providing value chain actors, monitoring the application of learning, organising awareness caravans and exchange visits. Achieving these objectives will require the use of participatory approaches to sustainable development and the organisation of “farms-schools-peasants”. The main activities of the project will be: the establishment of a management and coordination unit, Establishment of a training system, Development of planning and reporting tools, Training of producers on Good Breeding Practices, Farmer Business School and in Organisational Development, Organisation of caravans and Monitoring of activities.

Keywords: Autonomy, entrepreneurship, innovation, professionalisation, small producers, sustainable development, village poultry farming

Contact Address: Diderline Manfouo Tchoupou, Sopead Conseil Sarl, Dschang, Cameroon, e-mail: diderline@yahoo.fr

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