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Implementation of rapeseed oil production unit in Tunisia

Asma Koussani

Sotagri, Tunisia


Raps (Brassica Napus) is one of the new crops recently introduced in Tunisia due to its benefits, not only for oil, animal feeding or as biodiesel but also for its adaption to climate change.
Tunisia is planning to increase the cultivated area of rapeseed to 140,000 hectares from the current 15,000 hectares over the next 7 years to boost local supply. The ambitious rapeseed development strategy is being spearheaded by the Tunisian gouverment in partnership with Private Companies.
Tunisia is the largest producer of olive oil outside the EU, and the 4th largest in the world but local supply of the commodity is constrained due to a greater focus on exports. Among the locals, soybean oil is most popular for household consumption while palm oil is not well perceived by consumers and is generally limited to the food manufacturing sector.
As the country is not fully self-reliant on either of these two commodities, it mostly relies on imports and in order to ensure a sufficient local supply of edible oil, UTAP has identified cultivation of rapeseed as a viable alternative to olive oil which is highly sought after in the international market.
Supporting this goal by setting up a startegy with view to improving the profitability of farmers in the various production areas and developping the value chain of this crop is one of the priorities. Also, the transformation of raps into oil and enhancing its secondary outputs should be promoted seems it is one of the major links.
As a result, our project will meet the needs and guarantee an efficient exploitation of this resources by producing high quality rapeseed oil, managing the supply chain from farmers to consumers and will be part in the achievement of the desired goals in termes of local market demand satisfaction and profitability.

Keywords: Local market demand, profitability, raps oil, satisfaction, self-reliant production

Contact Address: Asma Koussani, Sotagri, Le Kef, Tunisia, e-mail: asma_koussani@yahoo.fr

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