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Effect of sowing date of faba bean (Vicia faba L) cultivars on Orobanche crenata seed bank and faba bean production

Esmat Hegazi1, Wedad E. Khafagi2, A Abou Zied3

1Alexandria University, Dept. of Entomology, Egypt
2Plant Protection Research Institute, Biological Control, Egypt
3Field Crops Research Institute, Food Legumes Research Department, Egypt


The broomrape, Orobanche crenata Forsk (Orobanchaceae) is an annual parasitic weed. It is a serious parasitic weed causing considerable losses in many major crops including faba bean (Vicia faba L.). In Egypt, losses due to O. crenata parasitism may reach 40 to 100 %. Several methods have been used for controlling O. crenata but without success. Some of these methods are unfeasible and costly. Little is known about the effect of different control strategies on O. crenata. Sowing date seems to be one of the potential solutions for controlling O. crenata. In this work we studied the effect of sowing dates on both the degree of infection by O. crenata and the pod yield of faba bean using resistant (Giza 843) and a susceptible (Nubaria 1) faba bean cultivar in naturally Orobanche infested soil. The results demonstrated that, late sowing (3 weeks after normal sowing date) reduced significantly the number of emerged O. crenata shoots for both the resistant and the susceptible cultivars . Pod yield increased significantly on late sowing especially for the resistant Giza 843 cultivar (115.2 kg/plot) which produces much higher pod yield than the susceptible Nubaria 1 cultivar (86.4 kg/plot). This can be explained by the reduced number and dry weight of O. crenata attachments and a slight decrease in shoot dry weight of the resistant cultivar. So, combining both resistant cultivar with late sowing could be a useful tool as a part of an integrated strategy to control O. crenata in faba bean fields.

Keywords: Faba been cultivars, Orobanche crenata seed bank, Faba bean production, sowing date

Contact Address: Esmat Hegazi, Alexandria University, Dept. of Entomology, Aflatoun Str., 21545 Alexandria, Egypt, e-mail: eshegazi@hotmail.com

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