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"Competing pathways for equitable food systems transformation: trade-offs and synergies."

Production potentials and technology practices for potato and tomato cultivation in Arsi zone, Ethiopia

Geleta Diriba-Shiferaw1, Yifru Sisay2, Tirfe Zegeye2, Samuel Mezemer3, Bezawit Seifu3, Dekeba Moges3, Samuel Woldeyohanes4, Anis Dzankovic5, Bernd Müller5

1Arsi University, Dept. of Horticulture and Plant Sciences, Ethiopia
2Arsi University, Agricultural Economics, Ethiopia
3Arsi University, Food Science and Postharvest Technology, Ethiopia
4Arsi University, Dept. of Agribusiness and Value Chain Management, Ethiopia
5Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, HSWT International School, Germany


Vegetable crops have high potential towards food security, local industries, natural resources conservation and market stability. However, many vegetables are untapped resources that can be improved and utilized towards better livelihood of people. Thus, the study was undertaken to assess potato and tomato vegetables production potentials and technology practices of Ziway-Dugda and Tiyo Districts during 2022. Data were collected from 400 households in ten kebeles of both districts and analyzed using SPSS version 22. The study results revealed that the farmers in the study areas produced various crops in addition to tomato and potato and produced average yields of tomatoes (621 q ha-1) and potatoes (46 q ha-1) and got better revenues (116,994 and 41,290 Birr) by selling the two vegetables produced during 2020/21 cropping seasons, respectively. Many farmers in the study areas had potentials and inputs for production of tomato and potato crops. However, some farmers in the study areas had not got the various potentials and resources to be productive in vegetables cultivation. Also many farmers in the study districts had implemented different pre-harvest production practices like cultivation tools and methods, planting spaces, staking of tomato, earthing up of potato, and irrigation practices and rotation cultivation. However, the study results showed that there are unused production practices for tomato and potato cultivation by some farmers. Thus, it is possible to conclude that there are many production potentials, inputs, services, production practices and technologies used by farmers for better vegetables production even though some farmers were not practiced improved production and management technologies that needs future interventions to capacitate them.

Keywords: Farming practices, management strategies, potato, production potentials, Tiyo, tomato, Ziway-Dugda

Contact Address: Geleta Diriba-Shiferaw, Arsi University, Dept. of Horticulture and Plant Sciences, Oromia 04, 193 Asella, Ethiopia, e-mail: dsphd2010@gmail.com

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