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"Competing pathways for equitable food systems transformation: trade-offs and synergies."

Online fair trade organic food market from organised civil society

Erika Lucia Arias Ramirez1, Lucero Adriana Blanco Zambrano2, Laura Cabezas3

1NGO Agrosolidaria Colombia, Colombia
2Agrosolidaria Colombia, Director in Teusaquillo sectional, Colombia
3Universidad del Bosque, Health and Environmental Institute, Colombia


The 2030 Agenda considers in its development objectives SDG 12 responsible consumption and production as a model to contain deforestation rates in the world's tropical forests, that is, if we achieve SDG 12 we will be able to face the recovery of ecosystems and contribute to addressing global challenges, as important as those related to those addressed in SD 13 climate action and SDG 2 zero hunger. For this, the models that are proposed from the social bases can guarantee their sustainability, in addition they improve the governance processes from the local level until reaching the regional models.

In order to avoid intermediation in the food value chains, 250 families with agricultural units of less than 5 hectares located in 85 municipalities of 7 different departments in Colombia offer 150 nutritious food products, every week directly to the centre of greatest consumption in the country, Bogota, with a weekly periodicity achieved through civil organisation, the use of computer tools and a supportive transport network.

The process that began in 2020 when the confinement due to COVID began in Colombia, is sustained to date, with nearly 200 urban families that supply themselves with their products based on the principles of agroecology, organic models, artisan value-added products or systems in transition to organic. This fair market model has contributed to the agri-food processes strengthening consumption decisions in the city, as well as allowing the recovery of soils and the conservation of the ecosystems present in each of the agricultural units.

In October 2021, the Health and Environment research centre from El Bosque university signed an agreement with Agrosolidaria to monitor the success of Agrosolidaria processes, taking into account the positive impact that 950 Colombian peasant families have organised to protect nature and their livelihoods.

Keywords: Agroecology, civil society , fair markets, farm to fork, governance, organic food, sustainable agriculture

Contact Address: Erika Lucia Arias Ramirez, NGO Agrosolidaria Colombia, Calle 17 # 4 - 16, Monterrey, Colombia, e-mail: monterrey@agrosolidaria.org

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