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Economic analysis of the local milk value chain in the Kara region

Linanguidaba Bawelima Adjayi, Mikémina Pilo

University of Kara, Agricultural Science (ISMA/U Kara), Togo


This study focuses on the analysis of the local milk value chain in the Kara region of northern Togo. The field survey took place during the month of July 2019 in the selected villages. Simple random selection and reasoned selection was used to select 57 small producers, 30 individuals each for processors, traders, and milk consumers in the study area. The data collected through the semi-structured questionnaires were coded, entered, and analysed using the Kobotoolbox software. The results showed that most of the production link is made up of small producers, illiterate and Fulani. The links of processing and marketing are made up of Fulani women who are mostly married to agro-pastoralists. As for the link of consumption, it consists of men and women, composed of several ethnic groups living in urban areas of the Kara region. From the point of view of interactions between actors, the study shows that the rules governing these relationships are neither contractual nor con- ventional. Compared to the economic analysis, on average throughout the chain, traders have the highest margin (73.5 %) compared to producers (10 %) and processors (16.5 %). Through SWOT analysis, many constraints have been identified along the chain, particularly the lack of organisation of the value chain, the lack of storage and packaging infrastructure. The recommendations formulated for a good organisation of the chain can be summed up in the establishment of an interprofessional organisation, the capacity building of agro breeders to good farming practices to produce milk in quantity and quality, the establishment of storage and conditioning infrastructure at the zone level; and the support of actors in the sector by the public authorities through a possible program.

Keywords: Analysis, Kara region, local milk, value chain

Contact Address: Linanguidaba Bawelima Adjayi, University of Kara, Agricultural Science (ISMA/U Kara), Nationale N1, 43 Lama, Kara, Togo, Kara, Togo, e-mail: linanadjayi@gmail.com

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