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Establishment of a consumer eggs production and marketing unit in the region of segou in Mali

Mandié Traoré

University of Segou, Mali


Livestock is a very important activity occupying a prominent place in the Malian economy. It is the main source of livelihood for more than 30% of the Malian population and contributes 13.6% to the gross domestic product (GDP). It also contributes nearly 80% to the incomes of rural populations and about 20% to export earnings. (INSTAT, 2017).
In Mali, poultry farming is currently developing. National programs, set up by the agriculture administrations, chambers of agriculture or even Non-Governmental Organisation and International institutions (FAO) are working to boost this sector throughout the country
The consumer eggs production is a rapidly expanding value chain in the Ségou region as local production is facing pressure as the demand is high and locals are forced to import the egg from Bamako. This is a risk in layer business as the distance is too much and poses risks on the quality of the eggs and presses an upper limit of the minimum price of the product. Normally a locally produced egg costs 75 francs CFA and the one from Bamako costs 100 francs CFA this justifies why we should have it locally produced.
The overall objective of this project is to set up a production and marketing unit for quality eggs as an animal protein for improved nutritional wellbeing of people in Segou region.
The choice of breed for production is the Delkab white which is characterised by high egg production with moderate food consumption, early maturation at productive age, and unpretentious character environmental conditions.

Keywords: Delkab white, eggs, poultry, production

Contact Address: Mandié Traoré, University of Segou, Segou, Mali, e-mail: traoremandie@gmail.com

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