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Effect of aqueous extract of hanzal (Citrullus coloynthis L.) senemeka (Senna alexandrina Mill) and ummjelajel (Aristolochia bracteolate L.) on the leaf miners (Liriomyza spp.) on the snake melon crop

Faiza Salah

University of Gezira, Dept. of Crop Protection, Sudan


Due to ecological imbalance and hazards caused by insecticides use, plant products or plant extracts are suitable alternatives to pesticides. This study was conducted at the Agricultural Research Corporation Farm, Gezira, in Wad Medani, Sudan, during two seasons in order to evaluate the effect of the water extracts Hanzal (Citrullus coloynthis L.), Ummjelajel (Aristolochia bracteolate L.) and Sennameka (Senna alexandrina Mill) on vegetable leaf miners (Liriomyza spp.) infesting snake melon. It is one of the most important vegetable crops grown in Sudan and an important food crop.The three plants used as water extracts grow widely in different parts of Sudan and are believed to have a insecticidal activity on many harmful insects. A randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 4 treatments and 4 replications was used. Snake melon plots were sprayed weekly with the water extracts of Hanzal, Sennameka or Ummjelajel at \mbox{10\,%} concentration (w/v) and a control was sprayed with water containing molasses and gum Arabic. The infestation percentage on leaves and mean number of active mines were counted twice weekly. The aqueous extracts of Hanzal, Sannemeka and Ummjelajel reduced the infestation and number of active mines significantly as compared to the control. No significant differences were found between Hanzal, Sannameka and Ummjelajel. Hanzal had a lower mean percentage of leaf infestation followed by Sannameka and Ummjelajel (season one). Hanzal recorded a lower number of active mines in season two followed by Sannemeka. Also Hanzal recorded the least number of active mines compared to Sannameka in season two. From this study it is recommended to use Hanzal at \mbox{10\,%} w/v for control of leaf miner species on snake melon crop. The result of the study is believed to be a good contribution in integrated pest management on vegetables in Sudan

Keywords: Aqueous extract, Citrullus coloynthis, Aristolochia, leaf miners, Senna alexandrina, snake melon crop

Contact Address: Faiza Salah, University of Gezira, Dept. of Crop Protection, P.O. Box20 Nishishiba, 111111 Wad Madeni, Sudan, e-mail: faizaruba2@gmail.com

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