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Organic fertiliser production for rice farmers in Benue state, Nigeria

Elizabeth Ogbile

Benue State University, Center for Food, Technology, and Research, Nigeria


Rice production is known to contribute significantly to food security in many African countries including Nigeria as it is a major staple food. Nigeria is the largest producer of rice in Africa with a production output of about 8,435,000 tons annually. Rice is cultivated in almost every state of Nigeria with Benue as the second largest producer. An important factor affecting rice production in Benue is the gross insufficiency of quality fertiliser. The problem of fertiliser scarcity and unaffordability by rural rice farmers threatens their economic livelihood and national food security. Meanwhile, there is abundance of organic waste materials from households and livestock that have not been well harnessed which creates an unhealthy environment in Benue state. Processing these wastes can yield quality organic fertilisers needed by farmers to boost production. In the light of this regard, this project idea aims at processing and supply of high quality pelleted organic fertiliser from household waste and animal droppings. This will be achieved through partnerships with stakeholders like livestock farmers in the region and waste management authorities to ensure the sustainable collection of organic waste, decomposition, pelleting, packaging and marketing to rural rice farmers. The realisation of this project will improve food security, increase income of rural rice farmers, create employment among the youths and women, and most importantly lead to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Keywords: Animal droppings, environmental sustainability, food security, household waste, organic fertiliser, rice productivity

Contact Address: Elizabeth Ogbile, Benue State University, Center for Food, Technology, and Research, Makurdi, Nigeria, e-mail: lizzyogbile@gmail.com

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