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Analysis of rice value chain in West Africa: Case of Mali, Nigeria and Togo

Yendouhame Monkounti1, Faith Enoche Antenyi2, Koffi Eugene Sitsofe3, Yamina Dite Anta Kondo4

1Monkounti, NGO RAFIA, Togo
2University of Agriculture, College of Animal Science, Nigeria
3Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany
4NGO Association Malienne pour l’Eveil et le Développement Durable (AMEDD), Mali


Rice is one of the most consumed cereals in West Africa. It is used in the preparation of several dishes. Unfortunately, local production cannot meet local demand. In Nigeria, around 71% of needs are covered by the local production, around 55% in Mali and around 45% in Togo. This situation seems paradoxical in view of the assets available to these countries and in view of the potential represented by the rice value chain for their economic development.
Convinced that these countries can achieve food self-sufficiency in rice if adequate actions are taken, we have undertaken this study on "Analysis of rice value chain in West Africa: case of Mali, Nigeria and Togo" to make our contribution to this objective.
The SWOT analysis of the rice value chain (VC) in these three countries allowed us to identify several weaknesses. We note among others, low business linkages between VC actors, low mechanisation, poor water control, difficulty of access for small producers to financial services, low yields, malfunctioning supply chains, high post-harvest losses, underdeveloped research, no trained farmers, environmental pollution etc. From this analysis we have proposed a number of solutions such as improve business linkages between VC actors, increase investment in machinery acquisition, irrigation system building and Research & Development, improve access of small producers to financial services, improve processing technology and adequate utilisation of rice by products, train producers, develop services along the VC etc. These solutions can be implemented by the actors of the VC, support organisations and policy makers.

Keywords: Rice, solutions, SWOT analysis, value chain

Contact Address: Yendouhame Monkounti, Monkounti, NGO RAFIA, BP 43, Dapaong, Togo, e-mail: monema86@gmail.com

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