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Contribution for small scale farmers acces to the market in Sikasso region of Mali

Yamina Dite Anta Kondo

NGO Association Malienne pour l’Eveil et le Développement Durable (AMEDD), Mali


Agriculture is one of the important sectors in the Malian’s economy. The under-performance of the agricultural sector especially the cereals sub-sectors is due to limited access to agricultural inputs, poor post-harvest management system, poor organisation of farmers, limited access to credit and underdeveloped output markets. One of the biggest challenges for Mali is to increase cereals yields and boost farmer’s productivity.
Improved performance of the agricultural sector also requires more capacity building and strengthening of producer organisations, which still lack resources and skills to support the farmers and develop the sector sufficiently. With regards to the constraints and opportunities identified and in order to contribute towards improving the income of small-scale farmers, the project intends to build the capacity of a number of cooperatives to provide adapted services to smallholder farmers and link them to buyers on contractual basis. It is well-known that agricultural markets are not self-regulating. There is no meeting point between supply and demand with optimal allocation of resources for the common good. An understanding of market demands and requirements is necessary to take advantage of market opportunities.
While important, these skills often do not go far enough in providing the specific market information required for selected value chains.
Limits and new opportunities for farmers Today, economic deregulation, population growth, urban expansion, and highly fluctuating prices (both upwards and downwards) are important factors to consider because they materially change the conditions of access to markets and marketing. (local markets, demands to satisfy, better prices).

Keywords: Farmers, market access, marketing

Contact Address: Yamina Dite Anta Kondo, NGO Association Malienne pour l’Eveil et le Développement Durable (AMEDD), Koutiala, Mali, e-mail: antayamina@gmail.com

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