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Developing a training concept design on milk hygiene and quality among smallholder dairy farmers in southern province of Zambia

Meekness Kapaale

Green innovation Centers for Agriculture and Food Sector, Zambia


Milk is a highly valuable food for balanced nutrition and contributes to food security in Sub-Saharan African countries like Zambia. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are some of the essential micronutrients found in milk. Milk production provides farmers with a continuous, non-seasonal source of income and it is the main output of a dairy farm with the farmers being the main actors at production. Despite the nutritional contents and benefits from milk, knowledge on milk hygiene is insufficient (or even absent) among smallholder farmers and their workers. Poor productivity and income losses among small-scale farmers has also been reported to arise as a result of poor hygiene practices at farm level. Additional services such as training which are essential for increased productivity and, subsequently, for the growth of the sector are scarce. Good standards of hygiene are vital for the quality of the milk and its products, as well as for the producer since the milk price often depends on quality. Product safety is important for consumers and for processing with better prices sometimes paid for safer food. Furthermore, improved hygiene reduces spoilage, udder contamination and wastage benefitting producers, traders and consumers. Therefore this project aims at developing and implementing a milk hygiene training plan for small-holder dairy producers and assesses its effectiveness in fostering a mindset change to improve attitudes and practices in Southern Province, Zambia.

Keywords: Milk hygiene, smallholder, training, Zambia

Contact Address: Meekness Kapaale, Green innovation Centers for Agriculture and Food Sector, Monze, Zambia, e-mail: meeknesskapaale@gmail.com

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