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Analysis of drumstick (Moringa oleifera Lam.) value chain: a case of eastern Nepal

Sushma Banjara, Ujjal Tiwari

Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management, Nepal


Drumstick (Moringa oleifera Lam.) is categorised as an underutilised and neglected species in Nepal. Despite its nutritional value and potential for income generation, the production of drumstick is limited to backyard farming. Drumstick holds a huge potential in increasing the income of value chain actors, particularly farmers. The purpose of the study was to understand the roles and benefits of core value chain actors, as well as identification of the major problems in the production and marketing of drumstick in Eastern Nepal. A total of 148 drumstick value chain actors were interviewed to obtain the primary data, which ranged from the input supply to consumption. The major value chain actors were input suppliers, drumstick producers, local collectors (collecting drumstick from farmers and trading to local large markets), distributors (wholesalers, retailers) for delivering the drumstick to consumers, and ultimately, consumers. The drumstick is marketed mainly through the channel as "producers-local collectors-wholesalers-retailers-consumers". The marketing margin of drumstick was NPR. 60 per kg, and the producer’s share was 53.8% in the study area. Farmers perceived the diseases and pests as a serious problem during drumstick production, while marketing intermediaries perceived less and irregular supply of the commodity to meet the market demand as the major problem. Farmers were unaware of the appropriate method of pest management in drumstick production. Technical assistance for drumstick production practices, availability of quality inputs, and value addition can encourage drumstick farmers to propel from the backyard to commercial production. Coordination among the value chain actors and enablers is required to enhance the market information and price control mechanism for increasing the producer's share and strengthening the value chain of drumstick.

Keywords: Marketing, producers, production, value chain actors

Contact Address: Sushma Banjara, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management, Panauti-8 Kharibot, 45209 Panauti, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal, e-mail: sushmabanjara151@gmail.com

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