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Tropentag 2021, September 15 - 17, hybrid conference, Germany

"Towards shifting paradigms in agriculture for a healthy and sustainable future"

Harnessing Innovations in Aquatic Food Systems for Nourishing Nations

Shakuntala Thilsted

WorldFish, Malaysia


With nine harvest seasons left before 2030, we are still far from attaining the targets outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in addressing Zero Hunger and Life Below Water. Dialogues on food systems transformation are acknowledging the role and potential of aquatic foods in addressing food and nutrition security, and are being reflected in the design of innovations, solutions and action plans globally. This presentation draws upon my experience of aquatic food innovations implemented in Asia and Africa, and the potential to adopt, adapt and scale up these innovations to meet food and nutrition security challenges,improve livelihoods and social equity, while leaving no one behind.

Keywords: Aquatic food systems, food and nutrition security, livelihoods, social equity

Contact Address: Shakuntala Thilsted, WorldFish, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, e-mail: S.Thilsted@cgiar.org

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