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"Towards shifting paradigms in agriculture for a healthy and sustainable future"

The Behavioural Receptiveness and Non-Receptiveness of Farmers towards Organic Cultivation System

Nitika Thakur

Shoolini University Solan, Biotech, India


A farmer generally possesses small, marginal and large-scale farm production systems. According to the general perception, the maintenance of such farms generally demands chemical cultivation system for increased quantity and yields. Increased use of chemicals in the agriculture sector has disturbed the harmony existing among plants, soil, animals and human health. The excessive use of chemicals is an inorganic food production method which made the health-conscious people explore and follow organic farming. The present review deals with the acceptance and perception diversions of farmers and consumers from farm level to marketing of the final product regarding goals to assure the sustainability of their farms for the future, motivation attributes to make their choices judiciously and by their personal view of preferences for farming. Furthermore, for the farmers, it is essential to stand individually with self-interest and a zeal to become a "successful farmer" following the pattern, integration and certification of organic farming. On the other phase, social, cultural, psychological, economic and personal factors adversely affect the consumer market, and the incline has been observed positively for organic food with enhanced quality and nutrition. However, some flaws and barriers have been identified to switch to a state of organic farming from other modes of cultivation systems which are generally faced in the inter-conversion phase by the farmers. However, these barriers can be handled with the right strategies which rejuvenate soil health, food quality and sustainability. So, the present review presents the scenario and prospect of organic farming, highlighting the barriers which hinder a farmer from adopting and investing sustainably.

Keywords: Food quality and sustainability, inorganic farming, motivation attributes, organic, perception and preferences

Contact Address: Nitika Thakur, Shoolini University Solan, Biotech, Vill-Basal, 01792 Solan, India, e-mail: nitikathakur45@gmail.com

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