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Milk Processing into Cheese in Togo

Wenkonta Pasgo

grassroots development Ministry, Togo


In Togo, the amount of milk and dairy products imported is estimated at 26.9 million $ in 2019 (resourcetrade.earth, 2019). This huge amount of importation is, due to the failure of local production, to respond to the whole need of the population. Also, there is a lack of process units within the country. Cheese is the most important dairy product consumed in Togo (Self survey, 2019). The cheese value chain is affected due to the lack of collection units. Hence, we need to do a group collection for milk and set up a process unit for cheese. The objectives of the project are to create value and wealth through the dairy sector by transforming the raw material which is fresh milk and by increasing the income of producers by ensuring them the market for fresh milk. We want to create cooperatives and share some experiences among the producers. Also, we need to strengthen the link between actors through some contracts. We want to collect the milk from producers, make the market for producers available and make cheese availabe everywhere even in supermarkets. We expect an improvement of producers livelihood up to 30%, the creation of value and wealth and employement of young people.To conclude, the milk sector has important potentialities because milk contains a lot of proteins which can supplement food diet often based on cereals and tubers in Africa (Adanléhossi et al,2003). Then, this project will contribute to strengthen the links between actors of the value chain. It will also allow people to eat healthy food and create wealth in order to improve the well-being of producers.

Keywords: Cheese, milk processing, Togo

Contact Address: Wenkonta Pasgo, grassroots development Ministry, Lomé, Togo, e-mail: pasgowenkonta@gmail.com

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