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Factors Affecting Livestock Profitability in Egyptian Rural Farming Systems

Helmy Metawi, Eman El- Bassiouny

Animal Production Research Institute, Sheep and Goats Research, Egypt


Several studies have attempted to understand why livestock production on some farms is more profitable than others. This paper examined the factors affecting the profitability of livestock production in rural farming systems in two agro-ecological zones in Egypt: the irrigated areas in the Nile Valley (Damietta Governorate) and the oases area in the Western Desert (New Valley Governorate). The two regions represent different integrative agriculture-livestock systems with different levels of intensification.A total of 180 farmers were randomly selected from farm households engaged in agricultural production Structured questionnaire was used to collect data during the period from March 2020 to January 2021. Data collected were analysed using descriptive such as frequency and percentages. Gross margin and regression models were also used. Results showed different contributions of animal species to household livelihood according to asset endowments, societal and agro-ecological environments. Livestock herds differed in size and composition between the different areas. The variability of herd size is more important in the New Valley according to land tenure and water source. Socio-economic characteristics such as farmer age, family size, education level, herd size, income and breeding experience were statistically significant at different levels and were the main factors affecting the profitability of animal husbandry. The recommended policy measures should be directed towards establishing small ruminant breeding centres in order to increase herd size and transfer knowledge by providing extension services to educate farmers about modern management techniques. Farmers should be encouraged to form cooperative societies that can help them increase their access to credit facilities that provide them with adequate inputs .

Keywords: Livestock, profitability, smallholder, socio-economic characteristics

Contact Address: Helmy Metawi, Animal Production Research Institute, Sheep and Goats Research, 5 Nadi Elsaid Str.Dokki, Giza, 16128 Dokki Cairo, Egypt, e-mail: hrmmetawi@hotmail.com

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