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The Assessment of Relation between Market Forces and Deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil: A Meta-Analysis

Tereza Lysakova

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Fac. of Tropical AgriSciences; Dept. of Economics and Development, Czech Republic


High targets towards lowering emissions of GHGs set in developed markets, e.g. in the European Union, and increased share of renewable resources within the energy mix or high world demand for agricultural imports of commodities such as palm oil or soya beans and grains from developing countries influences the agricultural production and worsen the state of the environment resulting in further removals of tropical forests in these countries.

Deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil connected with the agricultural production represents a significant problem. Especially due to the fact, that the agricultural land is gained via direct conversion of forest area into the production areas mainly to the detriment of the environment. With regards to exploitation of natural resources, loss of biodiversity and contribution towards global GHG emissions, the research focuses on deforestation as a significant indicator of environmental degradation in case study countries.

Supported by the scientific literature, trade activities in developing countries associated with increased agricultural exports represent the main driver of deforestation since the beginning of 2000s, along with the pressures on economic development and population growth as well as insufficient institutional capabilities to decrease the forest degradation.

The main purpose of this research therefore was to compile scientific papers, policies, governmental documents, special reports and scientific journals to conduct meta-analysis of the scientific and practical publications on the deforestation and protection of rainforest in relation to high world demand for palm oil, soya beans and grains – to provide an assessment of relation between market forces and deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil.

Keywords: Deforestation, export, market forces, palm oil, renewable resources, soya

Contact Address: Tereza Lysakova, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Fac. of Tropical AgriSciences; Dept. of Economics and Development, Kamýcká 129, 165 00 Praha - Suchdol, Czech Republic, e-mail: lysakova@ftz.czu.cz

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