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Improvement of the Production, Transformation of Noni into Juice and Powder in Mali

Safoura Ousmane Cissé

Promoter and Manager “Health Secret”, Mali


Malian agriculture includes an entire area which is agroforestry, that is to say harmoniously combining agriculture and trees. In the current context, Malian agriculture is concerned about the phenomenon of climate change, therefore it is developing its agroforestry component for carbon capture. In fact, Malian agriculture seeks to fight against malnutrition with products rich in vitamins. The cultivation of noni alone fulfils these different functions and constitutes an innovative product of Malian agriculture. Nutrition security involves more than just access to adequate food. It requires access, among other things, to micronutrients, at affordable costs given the poverty level of households. Therefore, credible alternative solutions with high socio-economic and environmental impact must be considered to support national policies and strategies to fight against food and nutritional insecurity. Morinda citrifolia is one of those alternatives. Morinda citrifolia is planted for its leaves and fruits. It has the particularity of maturing very quickly and contains immuno-stimulating substances and a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, alkaloids, antioxidants, amino acids and flavonoids. The fruit also contains many trace elements. This particular composition gives the fruit of Morinda citrifolia medicinal properties capable of protecting the body against degenerative diseases such as cancer and delaying aging (anti glycation). Consuming the fruit helps to maintain the functions of the immune system, and an acceptable level of cholesterol in the body. It regulates sleep through its ability to fight stress and provide relaxing effects. Knowledge of all these virtues of Morinda citrifolia (leaves, fruits and seeds) is currently earning him great interest in the food industry in particular and in the processing industry in general. It is with this in mind that the present Noni production and processing project has been initiated in Mali and is mainly aimed at the production of Noni juice and powder.

Keywords: Mali, Morinda citrifolia, noni

Contact Address: Safoura Ousmane Cissé, Promoter and Manager “Health Secret”, Segou, Mali, e-mail: safouraousmanecisse@gmail.com

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