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Factors Influencing Cowpea Consumption among Household in Gombe State Nigeria

Isah Bakoji1, Jibril Ayemi Salawu2, Murtala Nasiru2

1Nigerian Correctional Service Bauchi, Department of Agriculture, Nigeria
2Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Nigeria


The study analysed factors influencing cowpea consumption among households in Gombe state, Nigeria. Two hundred and eighty (267) consumers were randomly selected for the study. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics .The result reveals that age, sex, household size and education were the significant determinants of cowpea consumption among households in the study area. The opinion of cowpea consumers seems to be divided on the issue of post harvest protection of cowpea in Gombe State. Those who support the use of post harvest treatment of cowpea are mostly farmers and cowpea retailers while those who oppose the use of post harvest treatment seem to be mainly processors and household consumers. Additionally, the opinion of consumers about level of cowpea likeness seems to be the same between farmers and retailers as a group and processor and household consumers in the study area. However, the findings discovered that insect infestation (37.04 %), inadequate capital (65.38 %), high cost of cowpea (60.24 %) and abdominal discomfort (26.13 %) were the major constraints to consumers of cowpea in the study area. It is concluded that cowpea was consider as a food security crop in the area. It is therefore, recommended that public health strategies, effective and easy method for controlling cowpea infestation should be put in place to fight against indiscriminate treatment of cowpea in the study area. Government could partner with the private sector to invest in making Purdue triple hematic bag and be made readily available and affordable to the farmers and other cowpea actors in the study area.

Keywords: Abdominal discomfort, post harvest treatment, purdue triple hematic bag

Contact Address: Isah Bakoji, Nigerian Correctional Service Bauchi, Department of Agriculture, Tsohon Kamfanibauchi, +234 Bauchi, Nigeria, e-mail: bakojiisah@gmail.com

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