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Strengthening Rice Value Chain Actors in Nigeria – A Focus on Improving Access to Specific Inputs

Nguemo Achimba

GIZ AFC Nigeria, Extension Service, Nigeria


Rice (Oryza sativa) is one of the most consumed staple in Nigeria. taken in different forms across all geopolitical zones, there is also abundant land for production. Nigeria is blessed with FADAMA land for rice production. Despite these potentials, Nigeria is not producing enough rice for its citizens: The consumption rate (7 million metric tones MT) is higher than production rate (5 million metric tones MT). This is largely attributed to poor access to specific farm inputs and communication gap between input suppliers and the farmers and other factors as well. Therefore, the objectives of the project are to strengthen the rice value chain actors, focusing on improving access to specific inputs. If access to farming inputs is improved, it will lead to improvement in food security, reduced importation of rice to Nigeria and improved youth employment. Up till now, a lot of social media marketing content exists in Nigeria, but only a few exist for promotion of access to inputs, especially for rice production.This project is aimed at developing a B2B social media marketing platform that connect inputs dealers and rice producers through advertisement of available inputs and locations on the platform and facilitation of one stop shop installation in rural areas to afford the rural farmers access to inputs for rice production. These will not only improve access to inputs but also strengthen the entire rice value chain since both actors on the value chain are connected. Youths will also be employed to manage the one stop shops established in different locations. They will advice farmers on the right inputs to purchase and use when need be. Also, it will improve the livelihood through improved productivity.

Keywords: B2B, facilitation, inputs, marketing, production, rice, suppliers

Contact Address: Nguemo Achimba, GIZ AFC Nigeria, Extension Service, Makurdi, Nigeria, e-mail: achimbajennifer@gmail.com

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