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Climate Change in the Municipality of Morrinhos, Goiás, Brazil: A Survey through Oral Reports from the Elderly Population on Climate and Environmental Changes, Over the Years

Thays Dias Silva1, Barbara Luiza Rodrigues1, Igor Gomes de Araújo1, Rebeca Barbosa Moura1, Luciana Ramos Jordão1, Letícia Versiane Arantes Dantas1, Niury Ohan Pereira Magno2, Victória Cardoso Carrijo1

1State University of Goias, Law College (Southeast Campus: Morrinhos), Brazil
2Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Law College (Southeast Campus: Morrinhos), Brazil


Climate change is a matter of global interest currently being discussed by political and environmental leaders, with the aim of proposing a balance between environment and sustainable development. In Brazil, agriculture is one of the most important economic activities in the country. On the other hand, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the federal agency responsible for geographic, economic and populational statistics, the agricultural activity is the most responsible for deforestation. There are difficulties in achieving a balance between agricultural activities and the environment. The preserved environment is very important to combat climate change. According to the United Nations (UN), forests are great allies of human beings in the fight against climate change, since they absorb about 2 billion tons of CO2 per year. The work aims to get to know the perception about climate changes in the Municipality of Morrinhos, Goiás, Brazil, and, for that, it conducts research with the elderly population through oral reports. This research is of great importance for society, so that it perceives climate changes, based on the experiences of the elderly and the population's understanding of the direct effects on their daily activities and their quality of life. For Environmental Law, the research is relevant, as it shows how the population is affected by climate change and allows directing this branch of Law towards an increasingly effective protection of the environment, since it is a diffuse right stipulated by the Brazilian Constitution. In order to obtain a result of the research, a semi-structured questionnaire is prepared to collect primary data from the elderly population in the municipality of Morrinhos, by means of a random sample, about climate changes and their causes. The methodology to be used will be empirical research, using data from IBGE to identify the number of elderly people in the city of Morrinhos. The investigation will be carried out via telephone calls, obtaining oral reports on changes in the climate and the environment.

Keywords: Climate Change, environmental law, oral reports, sustainable development

Contact Address: Barbara Luiza Rodrigues, State University of Goiás, Law College (Southeast Campus: Morrinhos), Anápolis, Brazil, e-mail: barbara.rodrigues@ueg.br

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