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Why Small Ruminants Breeding and Meat Production Is a Challenge for Local Farmers in Attock Region of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Mian, Daniela Lukešová

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Fac. Tropical Agrisciences, Dept. of Animal Science and Food Processing, Czech Republic


The Asian continent contributes 61% of the total mutton and goat meat produced in the world when China produces 54% and Pakistan ranks third in Asia for mutton and goat meat production after India. Sheep and goat production is one of the major economic activities under the arid and semi-arid condition of Pakistan, with census: 53.8 million of goats and 26.5 million of sheep. There are four main systems of production of livestock in Pakistan but still the local farmer is facing huge challenges in managing the benefits of breeding, rearing of goats and sheep. The research study deals with the assessment of factors affecting small ruminant’s production in selected breeding farms of Pakistan in region Attock and evaluation of the socio-economic and marketing situation in this region. The data will be collected through self-administrated consumer questionnaire survey in the particular area and experimental observation of goat species rear under control condition importantly the cost analysis, husbandry practices, feeding and breeding of animals will be recorded and the data will be compare with survey conducted in selected areas. The technical data will be shared with local farmers to enhance production activities under present circumstances. The study will answer the challenges currently facing by farmers. The data will be published by comparing results. Due to multifactorial analysis, data obtained from farmers and markets, will be evaluated on basic food safety measures, which are a prerequisite for ensuring the maintenance of sustainable and safe meat production and adequate levels of Pakistani population well-being.

Keywords: breeding, feeding, husbandry practices, interview schedule

Contact Address: Muhammad Ali Mian, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Fac. Tropical Agrisciences, Dept. of Animal Science and Food Processing, F 101 Koleje Fgh. 16521 Prague 6- Suchdol., 160 00-169 99 Prague, Czech Republic, e-mail: mohammadalimian18@gmail.com

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