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Potential of the Green Way Application for Data Collection on Crop Economics in Myanmar

Anna Braun

Bern University of Applied Sciences; School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL, International Agriculture, Switzerland


This study addresses the potential of the Green Way mobile application to record economic data on crop production from farmers in the Gulf of Mottama, Myanmar. The paper aims first at identifying farmers’ topics of highest interest and the main sources of information used. Second, the potentials and challenges of the Green Way app for data collection are summarised. The third aim is to study farmers’ willingness and record and share economic data.
Farmers in the area are interested in cropping techniques, weather conditions, market prices, fertiliser and its application, seeds and its prices as well as pests and diseases. Mass media, especially the TV and the radio, as well as personal communication with other farmers or neighbours and extension services are the most important sources used. The digital knowledge and use of smartphones and mobile applications for agricultural information is still relatively low. At the time of the survey, the Green Way app was known by 33% and used by 13% of all farmers. The app could be used as information source for several topics of interest mentioned above.
The farming record feature has been incorporated into the Green Way to simplify the collection of economic data on crop economics. As a challenge, this farming record feature requires precise recording of economic data by the farmers. Farmers receive training on the use of smartphones and advice on farming practices in exchange for their data. However, data privacy is an issue, which should be included in the policy of the app.
Regular recording of crop economics could bring many advantages for farmers, reaching from less barriers for certification to a better overview of production branches and therefore improved farm management. Withal, the recording of data needs to be monitored closely in order to develop the app and the recording in a farmer-friendly and effective way. Such a digital change requires time for adaptation to the new technologies and training in order to educate farmers on the purpose and benefits of data recording.

Keywords: Data collection, mobile application, Myanmar

Contact Address: Anna Braun, Bern University of Applied Sciences; School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL, International Agriculture, Bruderholzallee 100, 4059 Basel, Switzerland, e-mail: annachristina.braun@students.bfh.ch

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