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Livelihood Assessment and Characterisation of Charcoal Producers in Bauchi and Toro LGA Bauchi State, Nigeria

Isah Bakoji1, Uchendu Kelvin Iroegbute2, Yidi Mohammed Suleiman2, Joseph Nanloh Jatbong3

1Nigerian Correctional Service, Agricultural Economics, Nigeria
2Federal University Kashere, Agricultural Economics, Nigeria
3Taraba State University, Agricultural Economics, Nigeria


In recent years the rate of use of charcoal for alternative fuel had grossly increase due to problem associated with alternative fuels (wood, kerosene and gas).The study therefore analyses livelihood and characterisation of charcoal producers in Bauchi and Toro Local Government Area of Bauchi State. Purposive and multi stage sampling was used to select eight villages. Simple random sampling was then employed to select 160 charcoal producers. The analytical technique used was descriptive statistics. The finding revealed that male (100.00%) involved in charcoal production. Charcoal production process was male-dominated with no record of any women participating in the production in the study area. Result further shows that 61.25 % of the respondents combined charcoal production with farming.How an appreciable number venture in charcoal business to make money for specific expenditure while 18.36 % due to lack of alternative job opportunities. Major constraints affecting charcoal producers are as follows; charcoal productions are much harder and dangerous to their health, insufficient fund, charcoal breakages, and confiscation and collecting of bribe by forestry official amongst others. It was concluded that that charcoal production in the study area largely depend on natural forest where by natural regeneration is the source of forest recovery. Deforestation is source of concern in the area. It was recommended that the study draw data from only two Local Government Areas in the State, there is need for additional empirical research on charcoal base livelihood and characterisation of charcoal producers for the entire State. There is need to organise the existing informal structure of charcoal producers and find ways for supporting them financially. Creation of job opportunities to our teeming youth will reduce the rate of energetic youth going in to charcoal production industry.

Keywords: Deforestation and charcoal production, livelihood

Contact Address: Isah Bakoji, Nigerian Correctional Service, Agricultural Economics, Tsohon Kamfanibauchi, +234 Bauchi, Nigeria, e-mail: bakojiisah@gmail.com

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