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Modern Rice Processing Techniques Using Solar Dryer and New Packaging in Togo

Ruth Atchoglo

University, Agronomy, Togo


Rice is among those grains that are most consumed in Togo and can be ranked as the third staple food after corn and sorghum. Consumer preferences and demand indices are increasing in both rural and urban areas. As a commodity food, rice is now part of the daily menu of Togolese. Togo imports nearly 50 percent of domestic consumption (150 000 tons for 2017-2018) in order to satisfy rice demand of the population, despite this potential of the country to produce more rice than it needs. In terms of value, the cost of imported rice in 2013 was 20 045 520 Euros. This high dependence on imported rice is due to the low production and the high post-harvest losses of rice. Togo loses up to 40% of harvested rice, as paddy is spread out to dry with the sun on the soil, on roads or on unprotected spaces. If the post-harvest can be reduced up to almost zero; Togo has to import only 10% of the rice instead of 50%. The main objective of this project is to improve the performance of the rice sector in Mission Tové by using innovative processing technology, the Solar Bubble Dryer™ to increase the quantity and quality of the rice produced in Togo. A new created enterprise will work in partnership with farmers, machine suppliers, technical and financial partners. The rice will be dried in good conditions, milled and then packed into 1kg, 2 kg and 5kg bags. This rice will be directly reachable in the local market (supermarkets, restaurants, baby food companies, tourist places or similar) through good marketing at reasonable price. By signing a contract between rice producers and the enterprise, the farmers will be encouraged to produce more and to have a sure market for their product. Then, their financial conditions will be improved.

Keywords: Bubble dryer, post-harvest loss, rice, Togo, Tové

Contact Address: Ruth Atchoglo, University, Agronomy, Bè-Kpota Au Chalet, Lomé, Togo, e-mail: ruthatcho@hotmail.fr

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