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Technical-Economic Reference of an Agroecological Model at Togo

Aményon Akakpo

NGO LA Colombe, Togo


In order to improve the socioeconomic conditions of vulnerable people, the NGO LA COLOMBE (TOGO) initiated the “agroecological project for the benefit of young girls, young men and women” based on an innovative agricultural model called: “the mixed and tiered agroecological model”. It is a model of innovative agricultural practices that responds to the problems of inaccessibility of agricultural land to vulnerable groups, especially women and young people. It is an answer to the questions of agroecological transition at a time when resources are becoming increasingly scarce and conventional practices continue to amplify the degradation of the environment and the living environment of living beings. It constitutes an integrated set of fish farming, breeding and organic market gardening. The system induces a stable and sustainable ecosystem dynamic and allows good sustainable productivity of its ecosystem. This technical-economic reference framework for the model will enable partners to get to know the model well and to make good financing decisions and to be able to assess the impacts on beneficiaries and on the environment. It emerges from this document that the investment costs are relatively high enough and are not within the reach of the targets (the vulnerable layers) of the project. The activity of the project is very profitable from an economic, environmental and social point of view. The net operating results are encouraging.

Keywords: Agriculture, agroecological model, improving socio-economic conditions

Contact Address: Aményon Akakpo, NGO LA Colombe, Lomé, Togo, e-mail: akakpoamenyon@gmail.com

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