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Sources, Bottlenecks and Outlook of Farm Data Availability for Education and in the Eastern Part of Uzbekistan

Abduaziz Abduvasikov, Bahodirjon Nosirov

Andijan Branch of Thashkent State Agrarian University (Uzbekistan), Uzbekistan


The Fergana valley is in the eastern part of Uzbekistan and an intermountain depression in Central Asia, between the mountain systems of the Tien-Shan in the north and the Gissar-Alai in the south. Its position makes it a separate geographic zone. The Fergana Valley is historically convenient for agriculture, but there are a number of problems for better organisation of production in the conditions of transition to a market economy.
One of serious problems in in the eastern part of Uzbekistan is the lack of reliable data available. There is a strong hypothesis that improvement in higher education and research could help closing the gap between potential and actual production. There is worldwide evidence that agricultural research yields high returns as it helps to increase yields. Within this context, agricultural universities do not have real information about the results of economic activity of enterprises. Statistics reflects only the aggregated data of sector development using the index of certain types of products produced on certain territory (district, region, country). Internships may be used to obtain real data of farm enterprises that are not available in the official statistical information.
By developing tools and paths for improvement of practical skills of graduates and fostering better links with agribusiness the project will enhance employability and thus contribute to the improvement of the livelihood of the local population through intensification of private farming based on (ecologically, economically and socially) sustainable land and water resources.
Andijan branch of Tashkent state agrarian university, located in Fergana Valley, good networking institution working with family farms, particularly including fruit production and labour intensive structures. It is experienced in national and intraregional network building. It has three faculties which are focused on education of broad spectrum of agricultural sciences and other complementary streams such as economics and teacher training.
In Uzbekistan in bachelor's degree normative length of study is 4 years and study process consists 204 weeks. Usually internships is planning in 4, 6, 8-semesters of study period and depending on course orientation. Students will choose objects of internships for themselves based on mutual contracts such as: outstanding nearly farms, orchards, experimental lands, livestock farms, provincial agricultural administrations, crop protection bio-laboratories, area irrigation associations, machine-tractor parks, agro-chemistry branches, cotton raw bases, corn bases, primary processing of fruits and vegetables, silk raw bases.
Every department prepares in the start of academic year education-methodical guides-programs for internships. Here also necessary to prepare daily notebooks for students, which they have to fill on base of work done daily. For every internship will appoint supervisor from corresponding department for 6-8 students. At the end of internship needs prepare detailed report, which will discussed in institute.
How we may solve above described problem of high education in Uzbekistan? First of all, it is urgently necessary to revise a charter of the country about high education and to shift main attention from rating students theoretical skills to getting professional experiences. A final examination form should be considered seriously by means of establishing criterions on the student's independent work. A subject teacher must rate student theoretical skills and his/her ability of critical thinking and how to find solutions for existing problems of the enterprises.
TOPAS project support management decisions through evidence based farm data analyses and evaluation, more precisely support practice oriented education and training.

Keywords: Agricultural management, ERASMUS+ TOPAS, higher education

Contact Address: Abduaziz Abduvasikov, Andijan Branch of Thashkent State Agrarian University (Uzbekistan), Oliygoh Street 1 Kuyganyar, 170600 Andijan, Uzbekistan, e-mail: abduvasikov_aziz@mail.ru

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