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Factors Affecting Meat Consumption in Sulaymaniyah City of Iraqi Kurdistan

Niga Abdalla

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Fac. of Tropical Agrisciences - Dept. of Economics and Development, Czech Republic


Global average meat consumption increased considerably during the last fifty years; the biggest share of the increase was coming from emerging countries. Iraqi Kurdistan is part of one of the emerging countries, the area faced an economic crisis between 2014 and 2018 that could make a considerable change in the level of food consumption.
The main aims of the study were to determine the effect of demographic characteristics (gender, age and education), household characteristics (household size and income), and some aspects of the consumer behaviour on meat consumption, as well as the change in the patterns of meat consumption during the crisis in Sulaymaniyah city of Iraqi Kurdistan.
This study was conducted using quantitative exploratory questionnaire survey. A total number of 233 questionnaires was filled through quota sampling. Data analysis programme SPSS was used for statistical data analysis, i.e. multiple linear regression model and Chi-squared. The result from the analysis shows that among the most important factors that have a statistically significant relation to meat consumption are; household income, gender, preferences for the taste of a specific type of meat and fat content in the meat. While characteristics such as age, education, household size, buying meat for the household and concerns about animal welfare did not have a significant effect on meat consumption in the area.
The study can fill a gap in the field of consumer behaviours and be used as a source for future research since there are limited sources in that field. Also, the meat producers and sellers can take advantage of the findings from the study to understand consumer preferences and satisfaction and use more appropriate marketing strategies.

Keywords: Consumer behaviour, economic crisis, household income, meat production, red and white meat

Contact Address: Miroslava Bavorova, Czech Univeristy of Life Sciences Prague, Fac. of Tropical AgriSciences - Dept. of Economics and Development, Kamýcká 129, 16521 Prague - Suchdol, Czech Republic, e-mail: bavorova@ftz.czu.cz

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