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Medicinal Plants as a Complementary Health Treatment by Small-Scale Farmers in South of Brazil

Julia Severo Dos Santos1, Francine Henke Tessmer2, Laura Telles Gomes1, Aline Neutzling Brum1

1Federal University of Rio Grande, Nursing School, Brazil
2Fac. Anhanguera of Pelotas, Physiotherapy Dept., Brazil


This study was carried out to understand the vulnerability situation of the small-scale farmers at Colônia Maciel, located in the South of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Thus, to get presented results, 206 households were interviewed through semi structured questionnaires from September to December 2018. According to survey, 65.4% of population studied claims to have health problems. Among the major diseases: heart problems (31.5%), auto immunes complications (27%), respiratory limitations (11.7%) and mental health disorders (10.8%) were observed. The population surveyed was also asked about their different forms of health care, 71.2% declare the use of local health service (UBS--Unidade Básica de Saúde). Further, 70.2% make use of prescribed medication and 53.8% make use of not prescribed medication to treat their illness. Still, was complementary form of health care, 79.8% of population use medicinal plants to support formal treatment. Between the most used medicinal plants, stand out: marcela (Achyrocline satureioides) 15.9%; funcho (Foeniculum vulgare) 7%; camomila (Matricaria chamomilla) 6.5%; tansagem (Plantago major) 5.6%; boldo (Peumus boldus) 5.1%; cidreira (Melissa officinalis) 5.6%; and malva (Malva sylvestris), 4.2%. These medicinal plants are mainly used for pain and stress alleviation. When asked about the origin of knowledge in medicinal plants the studied population declared that information was transmitted by family over generations, about medicinal plants properties in this region. Thus, this study identified the need to rescue and intensify the popular and cultural knowledge about medicinal plants, was complementary health treatment.

Keywords: Health conditions, medicinal plants, small-scale farmers

Contact Address: Aline Neutzling Brum, Federal University of Rio Grande, Health Science, Rio Grande, Brazil, e-mail: neutzling@live.de

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