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Influence of Compost, Lime and NPK on Performance of three Cassava Varieties

Maria Egwakhide1, Stefan Hauser1, Olugbenga Adeoluwa2

1International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Root & Tuber Cropping Systems Agronomy, Nigeria
2University of Ibadan, Soil Fertility, Nigeria


Soil fertility is one of the major limitations to productivity of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). The use of different soil amendments such as fertilisers could improve the productivity of cassava and also increase the fertility of the soil. Thus, the potential of brewery-based compost, lime and NPK 15:15:15 were evaluated on the growth and yield of three cassava varieties (TMS01/1393, TMS1980581 and TMS101/0040).
The study was conducted at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria. The experiment was a 4 factorial randomised complete block design in a split plot arrangement with three replicates. The first factor was compost application at 2 levels nil versus 5 Mg ha-1; second factor was NPK 15:15:15 at 2 levels: nil versus 500 kg ha-1 (equivalent to 75:33:62 kg ha-1 N:P:K); third factor was lime at 2 levels: nil versus 500 kg ha-1; fourth factor was the cassava variety at 3 levels: TMS01/1393, TMS1980581 and TMS101/0040, with the input combinations nested within varieties. Cassava was planted at 1 by 0.5m distance and harvested after 12 months.
TMS01/1393 had the highest stem yield with an average of 22.65 t ha-1 followed by TMS1980581 20.60 t ha-1 and TMS101/0040 14.30 t ha-1. Compost + lime combination gave the highest stem yield (42.54 t ha-1, p≤0.0001), significantly different from other treatments.
Root yield across all treatments of TMS01/1393 was 36.96 t ha-1 fresh mass (FM) and 10.29 t ha-1 dry mass (DM), for TMS1980581 root fresh yield was 25.13 t ha-1 and 7.01 t ha-1 DM, and TMS101/0040 produced 28.00 t ha-1 FM being 6.33 t ha-1 DM. Combination of compost + lime had the highest yield in TMS01/1393 at 42.32t ha-1 FM (10.97 t ha-1 DM) which was not statistically different from the control at 40.29 t ha-1 FM (9.40 t ha-1 DM). There was a significant increase over the control yield 22.14 t/ha (5.14 t ha-1 DM) of TMS101/0040 in the following combinations: compost +lime + fertiliser 36.06 t ha-1 FM (8.20 t ha-1 DM), compost + fertiliser 36.60 t ha-1 FM (8.55 t ha-1 DM), lime + fertiliser 34.85 t ha-1 FM (8.36 t ha-1 DM).

Keywords: Cassava, compost, lime, NPK, soil fertility

Contact Address: Maria Egwakhide, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Iita Oyo Road, 200285 Ibadan, Nigeria, e-mail: m.egwakhide@cgiar.org

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